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Alumni Bios

Will Llewellyn, B.S., LMT

When I began investigating massage schools, I lived in northeastern Vermont at the time. I didn't choose the closest school or the one that cost the least. I chose the best. I chose NHITA. The New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts' curriculum offers a wide array of quality techniques, so that upon graduation, students feel confident working safely and effectively on clients walking through the office doors. And more importantly, they will know when to refer out to other qualified health care professionals. Using the training I received at NHITA, I have built a massage practice from absolutely no clients, having moved to Massachusetts days after graduation, to full time employment treating 20 to 25 clients per week in less than a year. I know I couldn't have done that without the skills I received at NHITA. Many other colleagues in my area are astounded at the rapid growth of my practice and the skill set I possessed coming right out of my training. A fellow massage therapist, with a five plus year practice, whom I saw as a client, termed my knowledge and skills "the most technically proficient" he's ever seen. It's easy when you have great training and exceptional instructors.

Rachael Wnukowski, BA, CMT

I have an undergraduate degree from Columbia University where I studied anthropology and human rights. After college I continued to study and work internationally as well as across the United States. My education, travel and work experiences led me to my interest in bodywork and NHITA. When I decided to pursue massage therapy I researched schools across the country to find one that was scientifically oriented, challenging and comprehensive. I relocated from Washington state specifically to attend NHITA. I chose NHITA because they offer the most in-depth classes on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathologies. The class work is rigorous and is taught by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers who research and discuss relevant health and bodywork issues beyond what is offered in the coursework. I think a strong understanding of human anatomy is necessary to pursue a career in bodywork and NHITA provided that foundation. Classroom coursework and corresponding massage techniques are taught simultaneously to provide understanding of the physiological effect of every physical contact. The extensive externship hours required by the program helped solidify this knowledge and gave me confidence as a new massage therapist. Embarking on the establishment of my own practice in Vermont, I have been excited to share my knowledge and practical skills with clients by working with spas, doctors, chiropractors and other healing arts professionals. In the course of sharing with them, each has been impressed by my level of understanding of the body and of a variety of massage techniques.

Rachel Grover, LMT

I chose the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts because of its well-rounded curriculum, and as a result, received a great education. I had looked into several schools, and even though it meant commuting further to NHITA, I knew that I had made the right decision because the education I received exceeded my expectations. While I was still in school I was recruited to work in a chiropractic office in South Portland, Maine upon my graduation. My education was well above an entry-level training, so I was fully equipped and ready to go to work as a massage therapist on day one. I work with a variety of clients and the list of treatments I provide range from acute care to relaxation. I love the training I received at NHITA and I recommend the school confidently to anyone seeking a high-quality education in massage therapy. I am happy, successfully pursuing a career I also love.

Betty Lowe, LMT

I was a partner in a successful retail business for over 20 years, but set out on a new path in 2006 so that I could achieve a healthier lifestyle. I had a desire to share my passion for well-being with others and that's when I found the New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. Upon graduating in June 2007, I opened a private massage therapy practice in Norway, Maine. Trained in Swedish, Neuromuscular, Sports, Trigger Point, Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology, I am able to provide massage treatments specific to each body's needs. I maintain a private pratice at 432 Main Street, Norway, Maine and associate with a physcial therapy practice also in Norway. Attending NHITA was an excellent experience. I loved learning such a wide variety of techniques and now that knowledge is proving to be so useful. NHITA not only provided the training to perform many modalities effectively, but also helped to build my confidence professionally.

Lanette Langlois, LMT

I am an advocate for massage therapy from personal experience. I did upholstery work for 12 years, needing massage treatments frequently. When I decided it was time to make a career change, there was no question massage therapy was the right choice for me. Knowing several therapists who went to school at NHITA there was no question that NHITA was by far the best school with a well rounded curriculum. The training I received has set me on a path of success. Currently I am employed at The Inn and Spa at Mill Falls, Church Landing in Meredith, NH. I feel that the training I received put me into a position to be able to have the confidence to step right into the work place without hesitation. I feel that the neuromuscular treatment I learned at NHITA is one of the most powerful tools that I use everyday. When a guest's first words, after their treatment, are WOW.... that was the best massage I have every had, you know you had good training. I am blessed to have a skill that I enjoy and a work environment that is breathtaking. And this is called working and loving it.