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It's not too early to enroll for September 2024 Classes!

Classes begin on September 3, 2024 in Nashua, NH

Contact Roxanne Cunningham to schedule a personal tour of our school and have your questions answered.
774.365.3283 or info@nhita.com

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Financial aid available to those who qualify.

Open House Dates

Nashua, New Hampshire
Wednesday, August 14, 2024; 6-8 PM
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For classes beginning September 3, 2024
and January 6, 2025 in Nashua, New Hampshire

Map showing locations of our massage therapy schools in Maine and New Hampshire


The Massage therapy you will learn at NHITA is a 21st century healing art grounded in science and research. When you graduate you will be equipped with powerful applications that range from pain management to wellness regimens. You will practice a wellness and therapeutic discipline that promotes natural healing and remediation for people in need of physical support and interventions. New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts School of Massage Therapy offers state of the art training employing a traditional foundation elevated by tested evolutionary skills.

NHITA Massage Therapy Training Programs

With locations in Harrison, Maine and Nashua, NH, NHITA offers a comprehensive ten and twelve month professional-level, career-oriented massage therapy certification program of day or evening classes.

NHITA has helped students achieve their career goals for over 40 years. We train individuals in a diversity of skills, giving you options to work in private practice, group practice or in a range of other settings such as spas, health clubs, hospitals, physical therapy and chiropractic offices.

With our numerous years of assisting veterans in reaching their educational and post-service career goals, NHITA is a welcoming choice. The Institute is licensed by the states of Maine and New Hampshire and approved by the New Hampshire and Maine State Approving Agency for Veterans Education Programs for persons eligible for Veterans Benefits.

Will Llewellyn, B.S., LMT

When I began investigating massage schools, I lived in northeastern Vermont at the time. I didn't choose the closest school or the one that cost the least. I chose the best. I chose NHITA.

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New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts is the only school in the states of Maine and New Hampshire that is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). COMTA is the only independent accrediting agency for the massage therapy profession recognized by the United States Department of Education. Our accreditation means NHITA has achieved recognition for exceeding detailed and challenging standards.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Contact us at either campus to discuss your career goals and lto earn more about our program. Printed catalogs are available.


Applications are now being accepted for our 10-month program at our Nashua, NH school, and for our 12-month program at our Nashua, NH and Harrison, ME schools. Program start dates are as follows:

Start Dates Nashua, NH Harrison, ME
12-Month Program January 6, 2025 January 6, 2025
10-Month Program September 3, 2024 n/a

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NHITA National Board Pass Rates for 2022-2023 were 98%, and are typically 20-30% higher than the national average. [more info]